Welcome to Department 77 - a multichain web3 real-time strategy game featuring utility NFTs and an evolving story driven universe set in the far future.

The year is 2322. Powerful mining companies are engaged in a shadow war across the solar system, fighting over valuable resources in the asteroid belt. The dominating force is Black Ocean - the only company that has seceded from the SSU. Although it’s officially peacetime, the big mining organizations are using bureaucracy to disguise their true activities.

You play as a lowly middle manager operating a bureau inside Department 77 - Black Ocean’s internal "security" division. In reality your job is to employ and train bounty hunter droids, and then send them out to perform assassinations, sabotage, propaganda and industrial espionage.

But the future is complicated. Allegiance and loyalty is not guaranteed. Technically you’re working for Department 77, but you also have your own interests in mind. You’ll shape your own path, and every decision in the game can impact the world around you.

Actual Utility

Tired of web3 projects that keep promising utility and keep you hooked through "coming soon" assurances for months, sometimes even with launch dates years from now? Although we're still in alpha, Department 77 is already fully operational. All you need is one of our bounty hunter NFTs and you can start playing imediately! You can find our NFTs on Terra, Secret Network or Polygon.

Train Your Hunters

Your bounty hunter droids are pretty good when brand new, but can be trained to become even better. There are numerous training programmes to choose from, and they all boost different attributes. Maybe you want your droid to become a better scavenger so it finds more loot...or maybe you want it to have better durability so you don't have to repair it as often. The choice is yours!

Bounty Missions

The solar system is filled with characters that need to be killed, captured or rescued. And they all have a bounty on their head. Deploy one or more bounty hunters and compete on a leaderboard to see who completes the mission first. The winner takes home the bounty, and if the target has a high level the mission outcome will impact the war balance for everyone.

Broker Missions

Not feeling confident about your chances in bounty missions? No worries, there are many other things for your droids to do. Echo MK1 models are specifically designed for broker missions - data delivery from point A to point B. But broker missions are dangerous, so you can ask other bureaus for assistance. They can then send their droids along on the journey for added protection in full co-op MMO mechanics.

Scavenger Missions

There's a juicy landfill in the region, so why not send some droids to salvage parts, equipment or items for crafting? Once their inventory is full they'll ask to come back and you'll have a bag full of loot. Some worthless, some useful, and some highly valuable.

Co-Op, Not PvP

One of our core principles is that players are encouraged to work together and cooperate against the game instead of against each other. Players are encouraged to tackle missions strategically together in order to make sure the war balance doesn't swing against everyone's interests. Multicrew ships require players to hire droids from other bureaus and work together to ensure everyone on the ship is taken care of.

Play-And-Earn, Not Pay-To-Win

Since we are a real-time strategy MMO it's important that people can't just come in and buy their way to the top. Training is time-based, equal to everyone. Missions rely on D&D-style dice rolls based not only on droid attributes but also pure chance. Even newcomers have a chance of winning bounties against the odds.

How it works

Getting started with Department 77 is easy!

  1. Acquire a bounty hunter You can find our bounty hunter NFTs in a few different places. Most of our original models (Deus and Mono) were migrated to the secondary market on OnePlanet (previously Terra, now on Polygon). You can find the data broker model Echo on Stashh (Secret Network). You can also find some Deus and Mono on Terra Classic through private trades (best place to find these is in our Discord ).
  2. Connect your wallet(s) Since we're a multichain web3 game you can connect several different wallets to your one bureau, so you can manage all your droids across all chains in one place. We currently support Terra Station, MetaMask (Polygon) and Keplr Wallet (Secret Network).
  3. Start playing! Oh sorry, did you think there would be more steps? You're all done. Start training your bounty hunters and send them on missions for loot and rewards! Don't forget to join our Discord for daily updates, game discussions, tips and tricks, and just general shenanigans.
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