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How multichain bureaus work

The wallet you use to create a bureau will be the origin address. This can't be removed from a bureau. If you connect other wallets while connected to your bureau, they get added to the bureau as secondary addresses. You can only have one of each type in one bureau: only one Terra address, only one SCRT address, and so on.

If you disconnect all wallets and then connect with an address that already belongs to a bureau, you "log in" as that bureau - even if it's not the origin wallet address.

If you no longer want to associate an address with a bureau you can remove it from your bureau, as long as it's not the origin address.

If you connected using the wrong account on your wallet extension, you need to remove the address from your bureau, disconnect all wallets, change account in your wallet extension, and then connect your wallet(s) again.

Once you have your wallets set up you shouldn't need to connect/disconnect - the above is more for setup or troubleshooting.